Hen/Birthday parties


Fly Pole Spain offers a fantastic way to celebrate your Hen / Bachelorette, Birthday Party or just a Girlie Night!! Come in for pole dancing class with your girlfriends and have loads of fun. Our amazing instructors will design a perfect session to make your event unforgettable. 


You will learn some sensual moves, spins, tricks and choreographed combos all in a fun and supportive environment, surrounded by your friends. And a short performance at the end will certainly please everyone in the class!

Fun costumes, feather boas and other accessories are highly encouraged, just be sure to ask your guests to wear shorts and not to apply lotions or creams before the class. You may also wish to bring banners, balloons for the occasion or even a cake for your guests. 


Whether you’re looking for an afternoon activity or something to kick start your evening, pole dancing is a fantastic idea to have a great time and loads of fun with your friends.